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SAE is a Component of Agricultural Education

An SAE program is a planned practical agricultural activity which supports skill and competency development, career success and application of specific agricultural and academic skills a student has learned through classroom instruction in agricultural education.

A SAE program is the actual, hands-on application of concepts and principles learned in the agricultural education classroom. The SAE program is designed and carried out by the student with the support of the parent and the supervision of the agriculture teacher and/or employer.

The three components of Agricultural Education working in combination - Supervised Agricultural Experience, Agricultural Education and FFA - provide FFA members with an advantage in the job market, in attaining scholarships and college enrollments, in starting their own business and in developing a plan for success in life.

SAE Program Areas
Learn about the 'big picture' of agriculture and its many related careers. This type of SAE is designed to allow students to explore a career or area of agriculture that interests them.
- Spending the day following a veterinarian

Research/Experimentation and Analysis
Conduct research or analyze information to discover new knowledge.
Students with this type of SAE complete a science project that is related to agriculture and summarize their findings.
- Testing soil to determine nutrient content
- Determining which type of feed makes steers gain weight faster
- Testing the effects of antibacterial soap on salmonella bacteria

Plan and operate an agriculture-related business.
- Owning your own lawn mowing business - Raising a lamb for the county fair

Work for someone else either for pay or for the experience.
Students with this type of SAE work for an employer that provides an agricultural service or product. Hours may be paid or unpaid.
- Working for the school greenhouse
- Working as a receptionist for a local veterinarian
- Working on the family farm

Keeping Records:
It is essential that as part of your SAE you keep records. This is not only a requirement for class, but also allows you the chance to have comprehensive data to make business decisions, positive changes in the program, or to fill out scholarship applications. Your advisor will give these records to you and evaluate your progress in the SAE based on the completeness of these records. In addition, record keeping is an essential leadership skill that will allow you to excel in any business venture.

Click below to download SAE project due dates and a project agreement sheet:

Ag 1/ Ag 2

You Can Earn Awards for your SAE Project!
The Agricultural Proficiency Awards program rewards FFA members at the local, state and national levels for exceptional accomplishments and excellence in a Supervised Agricultural Experience (SAE) program.

What are the proficiency award areas?
Proficiency Award Areas
Proficiency Award Area Descriptions
Awards are available to all FFA members enrolled in high school agriculture, including special needs students. There are 47 award areas.

Unsure what award area you should apply in?
Check out the new alphabetical SAE listing tool
SAE Alphabetical Listing

Application Deadline: TBA


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