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Our Awards Banquet was a huge success! We had around 130 people attend, with many awards given out. Thank you to everybody who helped us celebrate our year of achievements, and welcome to the new officer team!

More about FFA Awards:
Throughout the course of history, awards have always been given to those who's outstanding achievements were in need of recognition. The FFA has many awards to recognize those who's exceptional accomplishments have set them apart from the rest.

Proficiency Awards
Proficiency awards are awarded to FFA members with excellent accomplishments in their SAE. Proficiency awards come at many different levels. Form a local to national level, members compete against one another across the nation for the ability to call themselves "Proficient." The following are the four Proficiency Award areas.

  • Placement -Working for someone else such as a parent or boss.
  • Entrepreneurship - The operation of your own business.
  • Research - Conducting research on something in the field of agriculture.
  • Exploratory - Learning about the agriculture industry and its many elements.
Click here for the Proficiency Award Handbook
(Caution huge file. May take a long time to download.)

Star Awards
FFA Star Awards honor outstanding members at each degree level.

Chapter Level
      • Star Discover
      • Star Greenhand
      • Chapter Star Farmer
      • Chapter Star in Agribusiness
      • Chapter Star in Agricultural Placement
      • Chapter Star in Agriscience
State Level
      • State Star Farmer
      • State Star in Agribusiness
      • State Star in Agricultural Placement
      • State Star in Agriscience
National Level
      • American Star Farmer
      • American Star in Agribusiness
      • American Star in Agricultural Placement
      • American Star in Agriscience


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